Darcy & Jazz Jewellery embraces an ethical approach to our jewellery making process.  All silver and gold is responsibly sourced and our gemstones are sourced right here in the UK with every effort made to account for traceability .  Our jewellery is a combination of the traditional  fused with modern design-tech, outsourcing production in London's Hatton Gardens to bring all our customers high quality craftsmanship. 


 We create jewellery to identify with the many sentiments  and moments that have influenced our lives.  A  personal narrative  that bucks the trend staying true to our own individuality, creating  legacys for today's modern woman.  Our individual style,  passion for life and sense of our own strengths is deserving of acknowledgment and celebration. 

Darcy & Jazz Jewellery curates bold elegant jewellery to empower the essence of the modern day woman through contemporary design.